CRAZY ABOUT COLLARS: Spice up your shirt

7 August 2014


Bubble Gum, €215 / Tara, €220 / Tara, €145 / Paon, €410 / Tiffany, €485

No matter where I am, I love watching people and spotting new styles. In Frankfurt I´ve realized that people there love their suits and basics. While sitting at starbucks I saw men on bikes wearing suits, women wearing bascis, children wearing basics, dogs wearing suits, suits wearing basics..... Oh wait, maybe not the last one...but you get where I am going. And most of them...were black and white. And I was...bored. As a Fashion lover I started thinking of how to spice up basic outfits. Most of my inspiration came from a store I´ve only discovered: Anne Fontaine. I immediately fell in love with their clothes when I saw the Frankfurt store. The style is a mix of classic, french vintage  and royal wedding. My highlight: COLLARS. I´ve never seen such lovely collars before. They range from a rather simple bib style to excentric floral masterpieces. 
Collars are a great way to alter a basic shirt quickly. Maybe you want to go for after work drinks? Well, just take your classic collar of and put a colourful fancy one on. As the Anne Fontaine pieces are sadly quite expensive (but probably worth their price as they are of a very high quality) I did some research on where to find some cheaper pieces. (...wel...In the end I found equally expensive ones too) Cos does a few classic ones and etsy is a paradise for all kind of collar styles (Check out BlumArt and Bartiniki)

...even crazier about collars

VIVETTA scalloped top, €170 / VIVETTA clothing, €170 / Necklace, €9,34 / Collar necklace, €22 / Collar necklace, €59 / Necklace, €59 / Necklace, €22 / Jewelry, €28 / Pleated collar


  1. I love that butterfly collar , Its so pretty :) x

  2. Wow, these collars are amazing! *0*
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  3. Some of these are amazing! I love how they bring any outfit to life :)


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