Not your Valentine

6 February 2015


Valentines day - the day for lovers - the day you spend at home crying and eating nutella out of the jar. Well, some of you might be as lucky to be in an actual relationship and to spend the day with their sweethearts. In that case, make sure to hint at the present you want early enough, book a table in a nice restaurant and stock up on pretty underwear (preferably by Love and Lemons; see collage #2, or Victorias Secret.) 
If you are a poor loner, you should meet up with your equally desperate BFF. Go and buy the rad new Nikki Lipstick "Not your bae" jumpers, eat loads and loads of fast food, watch girly movies and tell eachother how much your Ex sucks and how awesome he is at the same time. Or simply forget about it because Valentines day is a really weird thing and all the Valentines stuff is on sale a day after.




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