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15 October 2015

„Are you wearing a costume?“ The amount of times I´ve been asked this question is almost funny; whether it was my friends dad at school or that guy at the trainstation who asked me what cosplay I´m doing. NONE; I simply happen to have pink hair and wear loads of pastel because I´m cute, allright? I like expressing myself by wearing all the clothes I like but towards Halloween I start feeling a little confused. Stores sell collections that I personally consider as normal clothes and declare it as halloween costumes and even I have to start wondering: Are you just cool or do you wear this because it´s halloween?! As the best holiday of the year is approaching I will release my inner witch, explore some more graveyards, hunt down ghosts, and look for some sick all year around halloween outfits for you guys! Stay updated :)

“Trägst du ein Kostüm?” Diese Frage wurde mir schon SO oft gestellt es ist beinahe lustig; ob in der Schule von dem Vater meiner besten Freundin oder dem Typ am Bahnhof der wissen wollte welches Cosplay ich mache. KEINS; Ich habe einfach nur pinke Haare und trage jede Menge Pastel weil ich süß bin okay?! Ich mag es mich damit auszudrücken alle Kleider zu tragen die mir gefallen, aber gerade um die Halloween Zeit finde ich dass immer etwas verwirrend. Die Läden bringen Kollektionen raus die ich für normal Kleider halte und deklarieren dass ganze dann als Halloween Kostüme und ich muss mich fragen: Bist du einfach nur cool oder machst du das weil Halloween ist?! Jetzt wo der schönste Feiertag des Jahres näher rückt lasse ich mal wieder meine innere Hexe frei, besichtige ein Paar Friedhöfe, jage Geister und suche nach den coolsten alljährlich tragbaren Halloween Outfits für euch! Bleibt dran ;)

Skirt- disturbia
hat – Armstrongs Vintage Edinburgh
shirt- Tally weijl

boots - topshop


  1. Your stunning headpiece makes this outfit perfectly dramatic <3 so pretty!
    Loving your hair :D <3 <3

  2. you look so cool in taht outfit :) edgy and unique <3

  3. Cool cat !! :)

  4. Love the hat and the skirt!

  5. You're cute af, Susan; haters be hatin' so just do you. I LOVE your whimsicality, and the fact that you consider halloween clothes normal clothes, bless ya'. Loving the hat, and ugh, that top is too gorge.

    May | THE MAYDEN

  6. Hahaha, I totally understand your confusion, I have the same :D People are often so afraid to dress "different" Halloween is starting to be a time where you can just dress with normal stuff they're just scared to wear on daily basis.
    I love this little hat, omg, it makes the whole outfit so unique and special!

  7. You look gorgeous and so edgy! That hat suits you down to a T ! Hope you’re having a great Saturday,
    Bethany x

    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!

  8. love that skirt so much! looks amazing on you xo

  9. I love dressing myself up as a surreal character, even if I am just portraying myself. Cool look :)


  10. I agree with you, you're totally cute! :) Your skirt is my favorite from this look! <3 Pretty!!!

    Have a nice day!



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