Denim Daze ft. ROMWE

30 August 2017


Denim Jacket – Romwe*
skirt – H&M
Belt – Moschino
top – H&M
shoes - Reebok

Autumn is getting closer day by day and I´m starting to stock up on cozy clothes for cool fall looks. For me, Denim is an autumn essential. What I love about Denim, is that you can keep it for a lifetime if you take good care. I for example, still wear one of the denim jackets I got as a child (I admit it´s too small; but I prefer the expression cropped ;) and my parents Denim Jackets and Shirts from the 80s. You all know I´m a sucker for vintage and happy about every genuine 80s jacket but even I admit that Fashion changes: Once in a while I prefer not to wear a jacket with shoulder pads or bat arms ;) At the moment, the perfect Denim Jacket for me is oversized and I was super happy to find this one for only 25$ at Romwe! It´s such a bargain and goes well with every style, whether you are aiming for a girly look, a grungey look or a dressed down evening outfit. Check Romwe for stylish bargains x3


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