A day in: Düsseldorf

8 September 2017

About a year ago, I moved to Düsseldorf. Although I was mainly busy with working and studying, I managed to some exploring too. Here´s my top 5 spots in Düsseldorf!

        Kucheneck - Friedrichsstadt
This is where these photos are taken. It´s a tiny (and I mean TINY) cake place in an old petrol station. Seeing that there is only three tables, you might have to wait a little or, get a cake for takeaway.  If you are into homemade cake and 50s vibes, look no further, this is the place for you!

        Beyond Studios // Lieblings – just off Königsallee

These two places are a lethal combination for me. Beyond is a super cool, minimalist concept store, hooking you up with all the hottest Scandinavian Designs and everything your little hipster heart longs for. (Like Cactuses and fresh ginger tea. Yes, you heard right.) Next door is Lieblings (if you can call it next door; as the two places are separated with little less than the type of fence you find at a construction site. Here, you get fresh teas and a small selection of yummy European food. Let´s face it, it is rather difficult to visit only one of these two.

      Marny´s  - Ellerstraße

If you happen to be a vegetarian with an Instagram problem, this is the place for you. There´s always a warm dish of the day, fresh soup, homemade salads, fresh bread loaded with hummus, avocado, olives and so on… And all that for VERY reasonable pricing. You can also get healthy smoothies and various lemonades. Whatever you get, its made with love, and you can feel it J


You know how much I love vintage and this place is basically like heaven for me. It´s a huge Building with about 6 different theme rooms, STUFFED with vintage furniture and all kinds of bric a brac. Sadly, it´s not all too afordable and I´ll Keep on browsing flew markets and my grannys flat for another few years....

Gut & Gerne Schokolade – Altstadt

I got a sweet tooth, they got chocolate – it´s a match. This lovely little store / café sells manufactured chocolate, cakes and coffee. Oh, and they have a chocolate fountain.


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