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23 November 2017

As much as I love self-planned Trips, there's nothing more relaxing than an All Inclusive holiday - and trust me, I've been on quite a few. One of the major advantages for bargain hunters is that you can actually safe some money.

At first glance, booking a flight and a hotel sounds quite cheap compared to an all-inclusive package. Well think again! There's quite a few other expenses you'll probably ignore until the day you fly. The money usually adds up quickly, you need to pay for transport to the hotel (which can be challenging if you don't travel to a big city) and you'll probably be quite hungry, thirsty and tired. Maybe you settle for the next best restaurant, which probably charges you high tourist prices. And there goes your budget. In the end you pay more for food, drinks, shopping and transport than you paid for the actual trip. 
When you book an all inclusive holiday, you're trip is sorted. You pay a bigger amount in first place but then there's no more worries and no more saving up. In comparison you actually do pay less. Especially because the travel agents usually get better hotel deals than you do.

Another big plus is thats all inclusive deals are  so much more relaxing. That's why I usually go for them when I am looking for a quite time by the beach. I don't want to worry about anything. When you finally hop of the plane in paradise, you get picked up. You're not struggeling with suitcases and you won't get ripped off by taxi drivers. As soon as you arrive in the hotel, you can get yourself some food and drinks. Most places offer buffets throughout the day and you never have to go hungry. (If you have a boyfriend who eats a whole lot, you'll know how much trouble this safes you  There's nearly nothing else you need to worry about besides maybe which restaurant to choose and if you want to book a massage or a beauty treatment. 

Maybe your only con would be that it sounds quite boring. But in the end you choose how exciting your holiday is. This year for example, we rented a car and gave our trip a more personal touch, with all the all-inclusive benefits. 

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Ps: these photos were taken on my all-inclusive trip to Spain this year


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