Baby it is cold outside! - How to find the right winter coat

6 November 2015

Indeed it is very cold outside and a good jacket is a necessity. I was lucky enough to find this lovely gem from Glamorous Uk. In fact I went on a short ten minute lunch break at work and came back with a massive smile on my face, feeling like like the queen of England. Since my co-workers know that I usually only look as satisfied when I come back from shopping or the hairdressers, I couldn´t hide my purchase for more than 5 minutes. Lucky me went to a store and saw that jacket hanging behind the counter. „Is this the new collection?!“ I asked the salesman; and as a reply I got a casual nope, old sample, 10 pound and it´s yours. Basically I saved 100 pound on this awesome fluffy thing and finally had my perfect winter jacket. Sadly it´s not as easy for everybody. Some people have a hard time on the hunt for their ideal winter get up. Here are my 4 top tips for the perfect coat:

1. Fancy or useful?!

Not everybody is gonna happily run around in a green fur monster all winter. Before you buy your coat, have a think! Do you live in a rainy or snowy area? And more important are you a reasonable person? Then get a waterproof jacket that´s more on the practical side. I personally always refrained from buying anything practical but even I have to admit that there are so many cool useful coats and jackets around, some of my personal favourites from Barbour and Hunter can be found here on country attire.

2. How crazy can you go?!

Who doesn´t love looking wild once in a while?! But keep in mind! A coat is not a T Shirt and depending on how much money you want to spend or how many coats you already own you might end up wearing this every single day of the season. Are you really sure you want to look absolutely freaky all the time? No? Than maybe go for a colour that´s easy to combine, goes with your hairstyle and is something you will not get sick of after a week. If you want to be on the safe side go for a classical cut longline coat in black or grey or maybe even a hounds tooth pattern!

3. Get the right size!

Nobody likes buying a size bigger, but keep in mind that it might get colder and you need to wear your coat with a big cosy jumper. It´s better to get a larger size if you don´t want to look like your buttons are going to burst soon. Why not take a hoodie to the store so you can try how your coat looks with a proper winter outfit?

4. Quality matters!
The right coat can accompany you through several winters and is nothing that disappears in the depth of your wardrobe after you wear it once. (okay maybe not in my case ;) Spending a few pound more can really make a difference. You will wear this item of clothing loads of times, so why get something that doesn´t keep you warm AND looks ragged after a week? And if you can´t afford it, there´s enough charity shops around to help out and most of the older jackets are still a much better quality than all the fast fashion high street crap.


coat - Glamorous Uk
top - Tally Weijl
pants- primark
shoes - topshop


  1. Love the tips, and I'm one of those who is having a hard time with finding this winter's coat! I love too many and have to stick to a budget. :)) The coat looks so good on you!


  2. Ich kaufe dieses Jahr keinen Mantel, mit dem Babybauch geht eh nur noch meine Outdoorjacke zu, aber insgesamt hast Du recht. Man sollte sich Gedanken machen, bevor man investiert, dann hat man auch etwas länger was davon.
    Das mit dem Hoodie ist ein guter Tip!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. Great tips, I love your coats so much. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. What a fab coat and great result - love it when things like that happen! Your hair is looking beaut as well lady! K x

    The Quick Red Fox: Manchester Blog

  5. Such great tips, Susan. I think finding balance between practicality and aesthetics is extremely important. I still cannot get over your hair! <3

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  6. ADORE this coat it is amazing and loving your hair! I bought an asos coat in the petite and a size below me omg big big mistake I can't do up the buttons hahah definitely go big or go home ;) xxx

  7. Love this coat! The whole look you put together looks great, especially with your beautiful hair!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  8. loved your coar . and a usefull post .Do check out my unisex fashion blog


  9. Agree on all your tips!! Definitely need to make room for layers! That fur coat is amazing and I really like your high waisted pants!

  10. Coat shopping is always tough! I do like getting one which is bigger, they are just so cozy and I mean it is winter so it's all about the layers! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  11. that furry coat suits you so well <3 loving the colours ^ v ^

  12. Das T-Shirt erinnert mich total an das Nightwish Album Century Child (obwohl es eigentlich ganz anders aussieht, war aber trotzdem mein erster Gedanke :-D).
    Hilfreiche Tipps :). Gerade den dritten Tipp konnte ich früher mit süßen 13 nie verstehen, hihi.

  13. so perfect , I pretty love it

    new post

  14. That coat is a wonderful statement piece! I love how it pulled your whole outfit together. I could never wear that where I live though since it never gets that cold :<

  15. Your hair looks gorgeous! love it!

  16. Die Jacke ist richtig cool :)
    Freue mich auch schon meine Flauschjacke wieder rauszuholen!
    Liebe Grüße,

  17. Amazing post. Well done! Keep going

    Please check my last post blog
    Many kisses
    Lady Fur

  18. I was drawn to this particular post because of your coat and then couldn't believe it when I read it was £10! I had to scroll up and check where you live because I was thinking 'It sounds similar to a shop in Manchester where I've had Glamorous items for £10 in the past', then I saw your bio - I think I know the one, is it the place below Afflecks? I have had some great garments from there when they have had clearances in the past. I should probably pop in again after seeing this gem.


  19. Haha I almost only have big, furry coats! I'm not a very reasonable person XD
    I love to switch between different sorts of coats though! And having more than a few coats also keeps them from wearing down after one season, as you're not wearing them too often.

    I used to have a brown coat almost exactly like your, I called it chewbaca <3

  20. This fur is great! Suits to Your hair color:)

  21. Love your personal style!


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