Black Magic Tan

14 November 2015

Women all over the world suffer from the same severe problems: Chipped nail polish, he right eyeliner wing turned out much bigger than the other one, bad bleach moments, one eyebrow is Kylie Jenner while the other one is more Christina Aguilera 2004, and the worst of all: Bad Spray tans in combination with awkward tan lines. Well even though I really really can´t help you with your eyebrows because this is something that makes me at least half an hour late everyday, I found a weapon against bad tans! The one and only brand that I can trust with my skin is Black Magic Tan. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have my first spraytan experience with them. Being a German girl I was slightly scared of this trend that I only know from the beautiful British Isles. And lord, what did my poor eyes see! Dark orange hands, brown legs and white feed, super dark girls with white faces... So obviously I was extremely cautious when choosing a brand I can trust, and I think everybody should be. Luckily I felt very safe in the hand of my lovely Beautician! Every dry part of my skin has been carefully moisturized and I did not have a single weird looking spot on my skin; no dark elbows, no odd tan lines. For about one week my tan looked absolutely flawless and then slowly started wearing off within the next week. And almost more excited than about my awesome tan, I was about the invitation to their amazing party at the most stunning location; Australasia in Spinningfields. They celebrated in an impressing separated room with loads of warm light and a pacific atmosphere. Alongside boats full of prosecco, they served delicious cupcakes and melon infused drinks that already looked like the best thing you ever had. So now it´s time to stop waiting for getting a tan from standing in the English rain (Beatles reference here whoop whoop) and to check out black magic tan! The tan is as amazing as every single person standing behind the brand, a team you can trust! x3


  1. Wow, Susan this looks like it was a wonderful night!

    Great blog
    xoxo, ♥

  2. This looks like it was a great night. You look amazing.

  3. I don't do spray tans, but they sound great! Still not over your hair, Susan. UGH.

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  4. Sure looks like a gathering I would have enjoyed. Lovely photos and you look pretty. :)

  5. really nice post!


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