Beach City

22 July 2016

It´s your summer holiday, it´s super hot and there´s nothing you crave more than jumping in a refreshing pool or the sea – if it only wasn´t such a long walk in the heat. Worse than the walk is the fact that it´s not really acceptable to wear your swimming gear in town – you need something to cover up. Well unless your swimsuit looks like a fashionable top! My absolute beach favourite this year is this monokini, that doesn´t really need much more than a pair of cool mom jeans or shorts. The range of stylish, innovative Bikinis; Bathingsuits and Monokinis this year is impressive and only one is simply not enough x3 If you´re looking for a fancy beach look – with a Swimsuit that may as well be a top – check out some of my suggestions at the bottom of my post x3

Jeans – Topshop
Monokini – H&M
Sunglasses – Tally Weijl


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