The perfect Christmas ft. Stylewe

1 December 2016


Just like every year, I recently started getting caught by the Christmas spirit. The past few weeks I used every spare minute to do festive crafts, to bake, to do Christmas shopping... And obviously also to look for the perfect Christmas Look. If this holiday is a big thing in your life, you probably know the struggle. The whole family comes together in the coldest time of the year and you´re pressured to wear something that´s not only festive but warm, and covered enough to keep Santa from putting you on the Naughty List. is my go-to online store this year! Everything in the store is beautifully selected and guaranteed to be a highlight on every occasion from Thanksgiving to Christmas. My top choices include an incredible Velvet skirt with red fabric on the inside and a highwaist Tartanskirt – What is more festive than tartan, red and velvet?! For me, the most important thing is, that the outfit is classy and rather closed – save that cleavage for New Years Eve. Whatever you choose this season, make sure it´s something you will remember in 5 years time! AND, if you are intrigued by Stylewe – They have some weekend deals going on RIGHT NOW!


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