Space Princess

13 January 2017

After all the weeks you´ve spend preparing for Christmas, and the big new years celebration, it is rather common to fall into a little hole. Everything goes back to normal, Uni starts again, there´s not much to look forward too – besides the day when you finally lost all of your Christmas weight again. What usually get´s me through these days is the Winter Sale. It´s a bit like Black Friday, only now you have your Christmas money. I was a bit too excited about these steals to wait for decent photos; so here you go! For a few years I´ve been longing for a piece from lazy oaf, but it simply never happened – So I´m super excited about this rad dress for about half the price. My fluffy new shoe-babies are from Public Desire, cost me next to nothing and are SO CUTE. However, they will most likely never leave the house because I could not bear getting the heels dirty.  But SO CUTE. There´s more stuff to come by the start of next week! J Did you guys get anything cool in the sale?


Dress - Lazy Oaf
shoes - public desire

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