4 crazy things shopaholics do

5 March 2019


I´m currently sitting at home, reminiscing on times when I behaved like a proper idiot while shopping. And there´s loads of examples. Some of them you probably know if you´re a proper shopaholic; just like me.

1- So, there´s this top. They still have the top about twenty times. It´s best I carry it around, just in case somebody who really loves the shirt buys all of them. And that skirt too. Actually, It´s best to carry as much stuff as you can, just for the sake of it. After carrying the clothes for about thirty minutes you usually realize that you didn't need any of them. Let´s just put them back again.

2 - You reaaaally didn't need this dress. Well, at least until you get home; because now there´s only one thing on your mind: The dress you left behind; the dress which another girl is going to call her own soon. And there´s no way she´s gonna pull it off like you. Actually, I think it´s best if you go back to town asap to save the dress from it´s terrible faith. Personally I´m still crying about a dress that I didn´t buy in London, 6 years ago.

3- Now that we´re already talking about saving clothes from other people, I´m thinking back of some incredibly cool velvet pants I´ve seen in a vintage store a few weeks ago – on a customer. I couldn't help staring at the girl; waiting for her to finally decide against the pants. But the girl did exactly what I would do (see p.1) – she carried them around the store. Something that we also learned in 1. is that the typical woman carries clothes around for the simple pleasure of carrying them around; without the intention of ever buying them. I saw my chance there and decided to secretly follow the girl around the store for half an hour while my mate got angry once in a while and exclaimed : “SHE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SHES DOING!!!!” In the end I have lost the pants, but I want the girl to know that I remember her face.

4 - You have everything you need and today, it´s all about your friend. She´s in the dressing room now and needs you to get her these shorts in a different size ASAP. You promise that you´ll be back in a second. Fully concentrated you walk towards the shorts and there´s nothing that can distract you – not even this cool skirt there or these rad heels – WHAT WAIT! No harm in checking how much these shoes are. Twenty minutes later you remember what you were about to do, run back to the dressing room and ….. your friend is angry. But at least you got the heels which you meant to buy today, right?

 Shopaholic-Tip: If you are currently looking for a great website to compare catalogues, check out shop2day.co.uk 


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