New Term, new Style

5 March 2019


Ever since I was a child, I loved my school holidays. I would watch the coolest Teenie movies and imagine myself coming back to school, mean girls style, my lush hair blowing in the wind, my super cute outfit looking like I´m a Teen Vogue Model and every boy looking at me. I browsed all the best magazines, made several trips to my favourite Fashion stores and got a really cool haircut. I made a real effort to choose and plan my outfits. Maybe the whole Teenie-movie thing never happened, but I definitely felt amazing. I always try to hold on to this feeling as a Teenager and do the same thing at Uni or work. A little break or holidays are always a great opportunity for a fresh start. Not only motivation or mood wise – but also if it comes to your overall appearance.

Take the time to get a good facial, a new haircut and to sort out your wardrobe. What do you no longer need? I´m sure there are a lot of pieces sleeping in your wardrobe that you do not need anymore. You could donate them, sell them or maybe even recycle them. Maybe put some patches on an old jacket, sew a fringe on or get your old, favourite jeans altered. Then check if there is anything you need. Maybe there´s a cool new dress you always wanted or you really need a new bag for Uni/work. If you want to keep yourself from overspending, come up with a good rule. Maybe you can only buy one new item for every item you decide not to keep.

Putting your new outfits together for the first week back at Uni can be great for your motivation and of course – it saves time. For me, if I know I look good, I will approach a new task in a more confident way, than when I know I look sloppy and didn’t get ready properly.

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