The Alchemist/ Manchester

24 January 2016

This week I had the chance to try some of the new cocktails at Alchemist in Manchester. Seeing that it indeed is one of the most famous cocktail bars in Manchester my expectations were rather high. After a warm welcome, we were introduced to our super friendly and funny bartender Cameron, who clearly knows his cocktails. Within two hours, we learned more about the Bar history and worked our way through the cocktail menu. Additionally we had a little taste of the food Alchemist has to offer. Personally I love a little bit of food to accompany my drinks and the amazing sharing platters were absolutely perfect. The size of the platters were ideal for the occasion and a fusion of Asian and South American Food. (I´d order them for the incredible edamame alone; best I ever had) As a vegetarian I was very glad and actually surprised that the food also caters to my needs; which is definitely not the case in every restaurant! But enough about the food; let´s get back to business; may I introduce you to:

Drug Rummer
If I could have the same cocktail for the rest of my life, this would be it. Drug Rummer is a smokey tasting drink with Rum and sage that could be described as a bit of a “male” drink; if we want to believe in stereotypes. The cocktail was not only a taste highlight but also an eye catcher: Our bartender actually set the drink on fire at our table! And let´s face it; who doesn´t love a bit of a show now and then? (see the first photo)

The Kernel
The Kernel is a rum based cocktail that according to the menu is garnished with a “reminder of a night at the movies,” and I couldn´t have said it any better. If you have a sweet tooth and your typical strawberry bubblegum cocktail bores you to death, then why not pour some liquid popcorn down your throat? I´d swap the Kernel for a movie night any day!

Beetroot and Rosemary
The new Beetroot and Rosemary cocktail is something like the genius daughter of the Bloody Mary and the evil sister of your favourite after-yoga smoothie. I admit, the gin based drink sounds quite strange in first place but it definitely did not disappoint! The sweet and savory components of the cocktail merch perfectly and make it the ideal addition to your meal!

Lady Marmalade
Lady Marmalade was my second favourite cocktail (and our lovely bartender´s favourite) and I am not gonna lie, the dry ice was impressing. I didn´t even realize what was happening when suddenly the whole table was covered in icey mist and “Alchemist” definitely proofed itself as the perfect name for the bar. The drink itself is based on Marmalade Vodka (did you guys know this exists?!) and has a slight bergamot flavour. All I can say is, forget about your tea and have a Lady Marmalade instead.

All in all it was an amazing night which the photos probably proof! It is always a pleasure to enjoy a good drink at Alchemist if you are looking for something above average and you aren´t scared of experimental drinks, fire and other special effects. My personal tip would be to go on a week day, as you can sometimes get a table for drinks only and it´s simply nicer than on a super busy weekend! Thank you very much for the great experience and to the staff, in particular our bartender, for creating such a pleasant and friendly atmosphere!
PSSSST! Besides the Spinningfields Original; there are also Alchemist branches in Leeds, London, and soon to come: Liverpool! 


  1. Looks like a fun place!!! XO

  2. i don't drink but this place looks lovely!

  3. I really love it here, and their cocktails are amazing. What I like is that they are different from the usual run of the mill cocktails that most places do.

  4. Wie gut sehen diese Cocktails bitte aus - toll!

  5. WOW that Lady Marmalade drink looks immense! Shame I've never been to Manchester but if i am i know where im going.... ;)

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