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26 January 2016

Like many women I suffer from a severe Fashion problem. I have nothing to wear. I also don´t have any money. I´ve spent it all on clothes but I still don´t have anything to wear. So I really NEED to go to town and buy some more clothes, so I can finally look cool. As this problem occurs weekly I am constantly trying to solve it with as little money as possible, and let me tell you, by now I am indeed very experienced. Especially here in Manchester it is quite an easy one as there is a million of vintage stores around. The only difficulty is to find the right one. Loads of vintage stores take some crappy old shirt, spray it with perfume, then tell us to buy it for 50 Pound. Ummm, no? So basically, if I am on the lookout for normal clothes and not that one 1960 hippie coat, I go to the cheapest and messiest places I can find. All you need is a bit of time and patience and you can find the biggest treasures. People in these kind of stores don´t really know what they are selling, so I already bought a great silk Roberto Cavalli blouse for 3 Pound and a genuine 60s Gunne Sax dress from their first ever collection for 1 Pound. How cool is that? One of my latest shopping trips was a special success again. I went to a „Kilo Sale.“ Have you ever heard about them? Basically you shop and then they weight the treasures you found and charge you by the Kilo. Sometimes you have to pay entry, which can be really annoying if there are no cool clothes. And here we have problem #1: Find the right Kilo Sale! There is a lot of bad Sales around that charge you 5 Pound and when you see the clothes they sell you feel like they should´ve payed you to look at them in first place. If you live in the Manchester area you should definitely try the one in the Northern quarter, which (I think!!!) works together with „Blue Rinse,“ one of my favourite stores. Then you have to keep in mind that a Kilo sounds a lot but isn´t really. So before you fall in love with that leather jacket, remember it´s probably heavy as hell. Personally I try to make sure that most of my finds are light so I can get more for less money; then maybe one heavy item like a jacket. This time, at the Blue Rinse Kilo Sale I managed to hunt down 6 pieces for 15 Pound which makes it.... like a bit more than 2 Pound a piece. All of them are great quality and last you a 100 times longer than anything Primark. My favourite purchase was probably this cool gothy looking velvet dress! Did you ever go to a Kilo Sale?!


Dress – Kilo Sale ft. Blue Rinse
Hat – Vintage (my moms wardrobe ;)
choker & earrings – Extreme Largeness (Afflecks Palace)
Ring – Junk Shop (Northern Quarter)


  1. Ich liebe den Look. Der große Ohrring und der passende Ring dazu. Aber auch die Kette mit dem Stein ist wundervoll. Das Kleid ist super schön. Und die Lokation passt perfekt zu dem Look.
    Süße Grüße

  2. Babe <3
    Your hair looks stunning *.* wow!!

  3. I'm in love with your dress is gorgeous!, and you look perfect with all the outfit ;3

  4. Sieht mega aus, wie in so einem Ami-Film über sexy Teenie-Hexen!

  5. Witch baby ;)

  6. wow great look
    Win your fav Rosefield Watch!

  7. Gorgeous dress and jewelry! I haven't heard of a kilo sale here in the U.S., but it sounds like you would get some amazing deals! I would love to go to one!

  8. Haha I get what you mean! I refuse to buy something 'vintage' for $50 if I can find it for $5! Love your outfit, and best part is you got it on sale! YES!

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  9. This dress is stunning, you have a great eye when it comes to Fashion :)

  10. you are the queen of creepy x cute <3


  11. You look gorgeous, love this look on you! And I have exactly the same problem - no money and nothing to wear. Me too I love doing some vintage shopping, but it's quite hard to find here in Paris in my opinion... Especially the kilo sales are quite bad (= way too expensive). In case you have any tips on vintage shopping in Paris, please do let me know :D
    XO IMKE | Pastellics


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