Wardrobe Déjà-vu

2 February 2016

You needed this jacket. Like,...you really, really needed it. It´s the jacket of your life and you are totally going to wear it every single day. But two years later, it´s still in your wardrobe, unworn, tag on it. Does this ever happen to you? At least to me, it happens all the time. I buy stuff, put in my wardrobe, and the Bermuda triangle swallows it and keeps it forever. Years later, it spits it out again and astonishes me – A wardrobe Déjà-vu. So how do you best deal with these very special pieces? I guess there´s two ways to do it. Rational people should give it away. You can set yourself goals and say :“If I don´t wear this within a month, I give it to a charity, or sell it on one of the various available websites.“ A clean wardrobe makes it easier for you to decide what you want to wear and to keep record of what you already own. It´s probably also a sign for a person who´s life in general is sorted out very well. Then there´s the collector type. (ME) These clothes are here for a reason. You may not wear them now, but maybe in five years. Maybe this could be your favourite jumper in five years. Also, this jacket really reminds you of a trip to New York, or the date you actually bought it for, or how you discovered this super cool vintage store. For you, clothes are not just clothes, they are your friends, they are a part of your life. This may sound a bit crazy, but I have a very close relationship to clothes. I don´t buy basics or key pieces very often, I buy flamboyant dresses and outstanding hats. And even if they won´t wear them more than once, or even never at all, they need to be there. I need to know that I own this holographic PVC skirt in case the day comes that I want to wear it. I know, you may say this is a bit psycho, but I don´t really care. And until the day I do, this jacket is allowed to stay in my wardrobe, tag on it, unworn, waiting for it´s chance to enhance my outfit.

And as most of my clothes have a history; this jacket here has been in my wardrobe for four years I think and this is the first time I wear it for visiting and old friend!

Jacket – H&M (I remember it used to be reduced from 120 to 25 Euros!)
dress – H&M
shoes – Pimkie (my cousin bought them for me & told me that her friends asked her if they are her “Michael Jackson remembrance shoes”)


  1. That happens to me all the time! The jacket looks amazing on you, though. :-)
    April xx


  2. I've some clothes that I never wanted let them go for some reason but still not wearing, I know I will back to love them again, that jacket is so cute I love the outfit :)

  3. Was für eine tolle Jacke, sehr schön!

  4. Killer look as always <3 and I totally know what your talking about - I'm so torn sometimes between an all black and a "girls just wanna have fun" kinda look that it seems hard for me to ever get a congruent wardrobe but I always bought pieces for a reason and I really like the collectors thought you brought up :)


  5. This jacket is gorgeous - how did you resist wearing it hahah! And I know what you mean, I'm such a clothes hoarder ;)

    Flower Crowns and Fairytales

  6. I love your septum ring ^.^ x

  7. I love your jacket! I love the prints. It fits you so well :)

    SHAIRA // Villa Escudero

  8. i had the same dilemma with clothing as well, holding on to pieces and then feeling lame for not putting it to use, sitting there not being appreciated...then I saw the advanced style documentary and one of these fierce old bitches said it took her years to put together the right outfit.. suddenly it made sense to me. you know dressing is an art form as well....

  9. Your jacket is absolutely gorgeous. I adore the detailing! x

  10. I like your jacket. Please tell me how is it looking if i wear it with my white long lace dress.,?

    white lace dress


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