Black is the new Black

28 February 2016

Whether you´re more of a Holly Golightly or the Morticia Adams type; Black is simply a wardrobe essential for every woman and man. Beside the  obvious fact that black is the best colour: I've made a list of my top 4 reasons to wear black!

Black is timeless

The colour of the season may be bright orange or bottle green; but comme on; in a year you wish you didn´t invest a horrendous sum in a odd coat in a colour that insults your eyes. Black? Black is always there; it´s always wearable and in Fashion, no matter what year and what season. The black dress that your Mom was wearing in the 80s may have rather big shoulder pads but you can totally pull it off today. Not so sure about these neon green flarepants you bought in the 90s....

Black goes with everything

Finally you got these amazing hot pink heels; and even better; you got the right occasion to wear them! But then there´s a little problem.... what outfit goes with them? If you are feeling wild; go for a dress in a matching colour or even bright blue. If you wanna be on the safe side; there´s always Black. If your outfit is all black there are no limits to accesorizing. All colours will work out and even big statement pieces will feel right at home.

Black is elegant

Colourful dresses make you look girly while black makes you look elegant and grown up. It´s always a good choice if you need to look proffesional, impress somebody, or safe the world! Yes, other colours can look elegant too but in case of doubt, choose black.

Black makes you look thin

So in this case I'm not entirely convinced but my mom said so and we all know that mother knows best! So iif you have a bad day after eating a bit too much yummy Pizza: wear some black clothes!


  1. Totally agree, black is everything! Love this look, that top is so pretty <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. I have a similar skirt and would have never dreamed of pairing it with that top! What a good idea! Thank you! I also do agree with your sentiments on black. It also makes doing laundry that much easier too :)

  3. Black really is the most stylish and the queen of the colours.
    You look so pretty! I love the way that skirt moves in the pictures :D wow!

  4. That top! You rock black like no one else, Susan, and I love that you always go for something gothic and vintage -- so up my alley! Black is definitely something I love to wear all the time for all the reasons you've mentioned above, but mostly because black is the easiest colour to style. x


  5. I'm in love with black forever, and I really love that top you look amazing! ;3

  6. Oh my, you look like the victorian mistress of my dreams ;) I couldn't agree more with what you pointed out. Black is our favourite colour for a good reason. <3

  7. I'm in love with your black dress. Black is the best choice. I always choice black color as base when I going to develop theme.


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