Rat Baby

24 July 2015

About one year ago I bought my first garter socks from Too Fast and it was the beginning of a little love story. I had never heard of the brand before and immediately fell for their amazing designs. You can imagine how excited I was to be one of the first people to see their latest collection at London Edge last year and to meet the lovely people behind the brand. Ever since I was trying to stay up to date with Too Fast and their daughter brand Rat Baby. One of my favourite Rat Baby dresses has to be this one. It combines pretty much everything I love: Velvet, creepy prints, and glitter, glitter, glitter! And how cool is this harness? Harnesses have been a thing for the last few years now and I love how Too Fast and Ratbaby combine them with their socks, over knees and other apparel. If this is a bit too much for you, maybe it would be a good idea for Halloween, aka the best holiday of the year. Personally, I´m really in love with this dress although it got me a bit more attention than I wanted. (Apparently I look like Miley Cyrus´ Gothic sister with this hairdo ;)


dress- Rat Baby* (here on saaale x3 )
shoes - New Look
cardigan - Cheap Monday

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Ungefähr vor einem Jahr, habe ich meine ersten Garter Socks bei Too Fast gekauft und es war der Beginn einer kleinen Liebesgeschichte. Ich hatte vorher noch nie von der Marke gehört und hab mich direkt in ihre tollen Designs verknallt. Du kannst dir vorstellen wie aufgeregt ich war, als ich als einer der Ersten ihre neuste Kollektion auf der London Edge bestaunen konnte und auch die lieben Leute hinter der Marke treffen durfte. Seitdem versuch ich immer auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben was Too Fast und ihre Tochter Marke Rat Baby angeht. Eines meiner Lieblings Rat Baby Kleider ist dieses. Es kombiniert so ziemlich alles was ich mag: Samt, gruselige Prints, und Glitzer, Glitzer, Glitzer. Und wie cool ist denn das Harness? Harnesses waren die letzten paar Jahre schon ein Ding und ich liebe wie Too Fast und Ratbaby sie mit Ihren Socken, Overknees und anderen Kleidungsstücken kombiniert. Wenn dir das jetzt doch ein bisschen zu krass ist kann man sich das Ganze ja noch aufheben für Halloween aka der Beste Feiertag des Jahres! Ich persönlich bin total happy mit meinem Kleid obwohl es mir doch ein bisschen mehr Aufmerksamkeit beschert hat als ich eigentlich wollte. (Hab gehört ich seh aus wie Miley Cyrus Gothic Schwester mit der Frisur ;)

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  1. I'd so wear this out in a heartbeat but my mum might murder me first, haha. You're looking so good as usual, Susan, and gahhh, the glittery prints are definite wins in my book! Your shoes, too, are gorgeous, plus, you are ROCKING that hairstyle. My hair is way too long to be put into pigtailed buns (they'll look like mouse ears on me) but eek, you slay!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. Loove, loove, loove Too Fast and Rat Baby as well. For me there is no such thing as too much ♥ Gehst du im September auch wieder zu London Edge? LG :)

  3. You look absolutely amazing! Love the straps on that dress and your hair is perfect like this <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  4. you do kinda look like Miley Cyrus haha but I much prefer what you wear than what she does :D you totally pull this off!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. You always look so unreal!!!! x
    Claire | www.claire-frances.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Sieht voll cool aus, gefällt mir!

  7. You rock it waaaay better than Miley! Love the hair and the all look! Always killing it!

  8. Your style is sooo cool! You rock it!

  9. That dress! Eeep that dress! I want it even if I will be brned at the stake! You are not Miley's Goth Sister! You are so much better!

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  10. I have nominated you to do my Summer Bucket List Tag! Follow this link to find out more: http://shutupophelia.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/my-summer-bucket-list-tag.html
    I’m looking forward to reading your summer bucket list! Let me know when you’ve done it so I can check it out.
    Happy summer!
    Ophelia xx

  11. Awesome outfit, the dress is gorgeous. :)


  12. I just died! This is tooo perfect *___* <3
    That dress is gorgeous! And it looks even more amazing paired with those shoes and the awesome hairdo <3 <3
    I hadn't heard of those brands before! Thank you for introducing them <3

  13. Omg so cool babe <3!! I want the garter and dress too!!! Errrything on you~ <3


  14. When it comes to the selection for both baby and toddler, I like that I can choose various outfits that are easily mixed and matched, from the different designs.

  15. Lovely post! You're right not to worry they all do it in their own time! My friends little boy is 2 1/2 and still doesn't talk its causing her a lot of stress as he is starting to turn a little violent - completely because he is just frustrated bless him! But he is starting to communicate a little more since he started speech therapy. As you say they all do it in their own time, even if they need a little extra help along the way!
    It will be so lovely to see him as a big brother - I think he will do a grand job!

  16. thanks for this post, i like and love baby very much <3

  17. really nice and gorgeous and lovely this post,thanks for share!


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