80s Glam

30 July 2015

As a vintage lover I embrace every decade, and one of them are the 80s. 80s fashion impresses me because it´s so over the top, full of glitz and glam - Big crimped hair, gold accessories and skaterdresses.  In the 80s people were not scared of velvet, satin and pretty much everything that looks a bit tacky. However, one difficulty about the 80s is obviously all the awkward shapes. Although I do like it, I always wonder why a whole generation thought that shoulder pads, huge balloon sleeves and these jeans that make your bum and tights look giant would do them any good. I was even a bit shocked when looking at these photos until I remembered that these pants don´t really flatter anybody’s body type too much. Although the 80s offer a lot of fun crazy girly fashion I tried to go for something a bit more glam and grown up. I found these trousers and they reminded of 80s Vogue and it was no question that they had to be worn with my iconic Moschino belt. Usually I would have worn this with my black velvet shoulder padded 80s jacket which I sadly left at home. However, I had fun on my little Fashion travel to the 80s. What do you think about the 80s? yay or nay?


pants - Thrift Store
handbag - Goodstock Vintage
necklace - present
earrings - born pretty
shoes - vans
shirt - review
belt- vintage moschino


photos by Oliver from Suede and Symphony

Als ein Vintage Liebhaber verehre ich wirklich Dekaden, sogar die 80er. Die Mode der 80er beeindruckt mich einfach weil sie so übertrieben ist, voll Glitzer und Glamour – Voluminöse gekreppte Haare, Gold Accessoires und Skaterdresses. In den 80ern hatten die Leute keine Angst vor Samt, Satin und so ziemlich Allem was im schlimmsten Fall ein bisschen billig aussehen kann. Wie auch immer, ein Problem mit den 80ern sind natürlich die schwierigen Formen und Schnitte. Obwohl ich sie total mag, frag ich mich immer warum eine ganze Generation davon ausging das Schulterpolster, große Ballon Ärmel und diese Jeans in denen dein Po und deine Schenkel gigantisch aussehen irgendwas für sie tun würden. Ich war sogar ein kleines bisschen geschockt als ich mir die Photos angeschaut hab bis mir wieder eingefallen ist, dass die Hosen eigentlich an niemandem besonders schmeichelhaft aussehen. Obwohl die 80er natürlich richtig viel bieten an aufregender, verrückter Mädchen Mode, wollte ich etwas Glamouröseres und Erwachseneres ausprobieren. Als ich diese Hosen gefunden habe dachte ich direkt an 80s Vogue und es war keine Frage dass ich sie mit meinem ikonischen Moschino Gürtel tragen muss. Normal hätte ich sie lieber mit meiner 80er Samtjacke mit Goldknöpfen und Schulterpolstern getragen aber leider hab ich die nicht hier. Wie auch immer, ich hatte jede Menge Spaß an meiner kleinen Fashion Reise in die 80er. Wie findet ihr 80er Mode? Yay or nay?  


  1. I love the bedazzling on those shorts! 80's fashion is so fun. Have you ever seen Valley Girl? There's some great fashion inspo in that!


  2. That belt is amazing *-* you have such great pictures!

  3. I love the 80s fashion! I watched Carrie Diaries (prequel for Sex and the City) and the fashion inspired me so much! You look great and that picture of you jumping across the street is super awesome :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. You look really gorgeous in this photo shoot. This outfit really suits you well. It actually looks timeless and you did an excellent job styling it. I do miss the crimped hair and I would love it if it made a comeback ha ha. Great job!


  5. Your shoes are to die for! Love them! The location for your photos is lovely, definitely matches the outfit perfectly!


  6. The 80's were the bomb! Everything was big, and fun and without care! I loved it! I love it like I love this outfit! You have no idea how much I wanna wear this outfit of yours! It's awesome! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  7. Awesome look, your outfit is great!

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  8. Beautiful, you look stunning!

    Check out my blog | ANASOFIACHIC

  9. Love this! Especially your use of jewelry here. Yeah, I love all decades too and aspects of the 80s are great. But like you, I could do without the unflattering clothes. I'm somewhat surprised they came back too. XO
    -Lauren Blair

  10. You look so sassy in this outfit :D nice!

    I guess it's just that there has always been and will always be ugly people who can't really dress up and make the older fashion styles look bad. But glad there's always some people with great sense of style :) I really like the crazy 80s!

  11. Absolutely YAY! Someone here nailed it ;) 80iger Looks machen einfach Spaß, auch wenn manches schräg war, diesen Mut zum Auffallen muss man heute erstmal bringen. xo


  12. Mega mit dem ganzen Schmuck, find ich klasse!

  13. Hi dear
    Amazing outfit, so stylish
    Love the moschino belt and the bag

  14. I lovee this outfit! The belt is gorgeous omg xo

  15. Amazing look! I love it <3


  16. Wow !!!! *___________*
    I love everything ! The outfit, the hairstyle, the background, you look flawless !
    Awesome !

    Blog K of Kawaii | @k_of_kawaii on Instagram

  17. Super Outfit, du siehst klasse aus. Der Gürtel und die Tasche gefallen mir sehr. :)


  18. You look great - amazing statement necklace

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  19. fierce!! This look is so good on you <3


  20. rock'n'roll ! i love this look, every single detail! <3


  21. I love tacky, I live for tacky! *_* I'd wear a tacky sequin top any day of the week :D And, I adore this outfit, way to make black look super iteresting and pretty! The purse makes everything just pop. And the only beef I have with the 80's is like you said, all those weird shapes. Shoulder pads are my nightmare! :D


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