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3 July 2015

One of the things I strongly dislike is boring jewellery. I always pray that I don't end up with one of these guys who will buy you that exact same bracelet that every girl has because the nice lady in the store told them that this is a safe bet. Well thanks, but I'm not a safe bet, I am unique and I want jewellery that suits me. Therefore I was surprised to find quite a few exciting brands that I've never heard of but that definitely serve my needs at Victoria Highfield. Victoria Highfield is a Didsbury Manchester jewellery retailer that just won a price for best UK bridal jewellery retailer 2015. alongside stunning home designed wedding rings they carry some well-known names such as Michael Kors and Vivienne Westwood (aka my queen.) One of my absolute favourites were the pieces from MelanO.. They all have little exchangeable stones. How amazing is that?? You can simply change the stones to match your outfit or mood. This is a brand that will hardly ever get boring and stay with you for a lifetime. However, ChloBo is the brand that made it to my wish list. It's a kind of mix and match high quality boho style bracelet collection. I love this as a more stylish alternative for your usual charm bracelets. Most of them have little charms like feathers, skulls, the tree of life and so on. You can simply buy one every birthday, Christmas, payday or whenever you feel like adding to your collection. After spending my night celebrating their title, admire jewellery, indulging in cupcakes and delicious canapés prepared by gusto Didsbury I’m safe to say that every couple searching for the perfect wedding ring and every guy who is looking for an actually unique present is very safe in their hands. Well at least I would send my boyfriend there, they know what I want. (Just to be on the safe side, it's the bracelet with the little skull, the one with Fatima's hand and the blue feather one. And maybe that diamond ring. But that's it really.)


  1. Such lovely bits! The rings are to die for! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I'm not a fan of ordinary jewellery either (even though I have a lot) and Victoria Highfield's looks awesome! ChloBo's bracelets are to die for!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  3. Can I just say that your opening lines cracked me up? Hahaha, I've been lacking severely in the accessories department and Highfield sounds like the perfect retailer for me! I'l defo check it out, and omg, can we pls talk about that headband you're wearing? Also, I'm loving the ChloBo bracelets!

    May • THE MAYDEN

  4. Amen! Completely agree with everything, I'm all ofr fancy jewelry, but damn it, if I see another one of those same feminine bracelets and swarovski earrings I'll cry!
    Loved this review! Changing the stones is a brilliant idea, perfect for all kinds of crazy outfits and days :D
    Adore the colorful rings on the 12th photo! ^_^

  5. Superb jewelry! Loved all these designs! Thanks for sharing these photographs. I am quite busy in visiting local event venue for my wedding and once I’m done with booking the venue, will pay attention to the jewelry part.

  6. I like this jewelry so much! Your tattoo is very funny! Is it temporary? I like tattoos on other people but won't do it on my body. I've found a lot of beautiful items at . They are quite different but will suite different people too. Designs are gorgeous and they aslo have some Victoria Highfield rare items.

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