Late Summer Favourites

8 August 2015

last sunrays

In my new home, the North of England, summer went past without me realizing properly and I was actually about to blog about new autumn trends. Well, my trip home to Germany taught me otherwise. It´s 40 degree and I started thinking of summer again. If you are going on a holiday soon, or you are fortunate enough to live in a hot country, here are my current summer favourites:

I remember that I used to hate these “horrible” shoes on my mom and even refrained from liking them when they started to become socially accepted. Well times change and I´m in love with them. By now I own two pairs (and one rip off)and I could wear them all day. They are super comfortable and light.

      PVC bags
Plastic – It´s fantastic. A few years ago I bought a candybag and since then I can´t get enough of see through bags. Whether you prefer the stylish minimalist hunter version or the cute statement watermelon clutch is up to you.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
People keep asking me why my skin looks so shiny and hydrated but not greasy. Well here’s the answer. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is my favourite make up AND most importantly it contains sunscreen.

One of the most important things in summer: HYDRATE! And what´s a better idea than getting a cute tumbler like this Lilly Pulitzer for Nordstrom Designer Version.

Beach Spray
While autumn and winter are all about pretty hairdos and braids, summer can get away with beach hair. No other hairdo could be easier or more laid back than this.

My favourite activity on a lazy summer day is reading! I´ve just finished the sequel/prequel/whatever to “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and even though it has been widely criticized it´s a new favourite. It may not be your classical summer read, but nobody ever said that we shouldn’t think in summer! ;)


My #1 accessory. They are useful, they hide our tired eyes from fellow human beings and they range from stylish to crazy to glamorous to well whatever you can imagine.


  1. This watermelon bag is amazing!:)

  2. Same for me about Birkenstocks! Now I wear my "Jesus sandals" everywhere and anywhere haha

    Love the favorites. It's still very much summer here in Texas (reaching triple digits), and I very much wish it wasn't :(

    1. ommmg, so jel right now, I love texas so much ;D but yeh its way hot there!

  3. I love Birkenstock!! I've like 6 pairs since my first one, and I wish summer's longer so I can wear them more. :/
    Hope you had a lovely break, dear! xx

  4. Talking about books, you just made me wanna get some books to read now! You know what! You should come back to Singapore again and I'm sure you will be able to enjoy all summer clothing again! <3


  5. I want that shoes too :( Anyway, nice post!<3

  6. Rofl, your comment about plastic made my brain sing the disco song, I'M A BARBIE GIRL IN A BARBIE WOOOORLD! :D I'm so confused about the Birkenstocks, I don't know if I hate them or love them, maybe both! :D Glasses are a favorite of mine too, I like to hide my eyes from people, I hate people :D

    1. hahahah best comment x3 yeeh, I used to hate birkenstocks but they are SO comfy and now I think they are pretty too :D (also, I hate people too :P) xx

  7. These are so good!
    I still don't have a see through plastic bag even though I adore them :S Plastic bags are the best!!! <3

  8. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read Go Set a Watchman! I read To Kill A Mockingbird ages ago, and I thought it was great! So I am waiting to get the book and finish my exams before I read it! I haven't read the reviews though, I want to be surprised!

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

    1. It´s pretty great :D yeh, reviews usually suck anyways ;) xx

  9. Die Birkenstocks sind echt super, so praktisch für den Sommer!

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  11. Those Birkenstocks are so lovely! Do you have a pair? Are those worth the price?

  12. Love your summer favorites! Especially those sunglasses and Birks! Hope it warms up in your neck of the woods! :)

  13. Love the bags! <3


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