A day in: Amsterdam

6 February 2017

This weekend, I went on a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam and honestly, this city blew my mind. I think I could forever dwell in this beautiful place, with its little streets and canals, while watching the passers by in their fashionable attire. It did not take me long to get sucked in by the vibrant atmosphere and after my first day, I almost felt like I had always lived here. A couple of dutch boys took me for a ride through town, I tried some local food, went to a museum, took a ferry and OF COURSE, I browsed through some super cool Vintage stores and made some nice bargains. My favourite of them was definitely BIJ ONS Vintage, which I will most likely feature in another post soon. I am sure, I´ll be back soon!


skirt - Zara
shoes- Doc Martens
Body - Vintage
hat - Mango


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