The Alchemist New York Street // Manchester

26 February 2017

One of my absolute favourite places in Manchester is The Alchemist at Spinningfields (check out my collab here) There is no way to start a summer sunday better than having a nice boozy brunch on their terrace.  This time I went to check out Alchemist on New York street on a Thursday night, and though I felt a líttle bad about cheating on my local Alchemist, I had a great time. This branch shares some of the Design features like the fairy light Windows, but overall it is more cosy with a certain vintage clubhouse vibe.
After a warm welcome from our waitress we started off with some Cocktails. Sophie had a "Dead red Zombie" - a sweet drink with Bacardi as a base and a smoky finish - and of course in Alchemist style, it had actual smoke running out of it.... Even though I know it´s not magic and I´ve been numerous times, I´m still excited like a child to see whats going to happen with my drink this time. I had a  "Caramalized rum Punch" - of course a rum cocktail, with lime and watermelon and a caramel taste to it; not too sweet. My next drink was a "Bubblebath"; a gin Cocktail with more alcohol and less fuss; just how I like it ;) And of course, it would not be called Bubblebath if it didn´t look like one (the menue said it contains "fairy liquid" ;) My friend Sophie had a "Screwball" - a super creamy bubblegum flavoured drink with a white chocolate cream on top; not much in common with a classic screwball but so yummy you could have it insted of your dessert.

And of course because I´m one hungry girl, we indulged in some of the delicious food. As Starters we had the "Avocado and charred corn salad" and the coconut prawn skewers with a beautiful curry sauce and some  kale crisps. The mexican inspired salad with charcoal crackers was definitely a highlight for us, it was super simple but fresh and full of flavour. As a main we chose to have two light fish dishes. We shared the Blackened Salmon and Seabass Fillet and they were absolutely perfect. The seabass came on a bed of sweet corn puree and chimole on the side - which in this case was a slighly spicy salsa made of tomatoes, red onions and some guacamole. I had a single fillet and combined with starters and dessert it was definitely enough for me. The salmon came with sesame rice - and with more kale chips. (I feel like we are quite easy to please with avocados and kale crisps.) If you want to try something veggie I can suggest you to try the fajitas or the ramen; which is not only delicious but also makes a big entrance with dry ice. There´s not much to say about our dessert....I got a sweet tooth and there´s no way to go wrong with this super rich and chocolatey brownie and chocolate fudge Cake.
Alchemist is definitely my first choice to start off my night with good food and some of the best cocktails in town. If you´ve never been you should DEFINITELY give it a try.

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  1. A good cocktail place is such a gem. The seabass dish and the dessert look amazing. Looks like a great place. Thanks for sharing!

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