Ticket to ride

16 February 2017

These photos were taken about two months ago, when the lovely Cindy accompanied me on a little underground ride through Düsseldorf. This was probably one of the most “absurd” shooting situations I have been in … The funny thing about it is that I did not even realize that people on the train were slightly confused - or maybe amused?
This velvet jumpsuit is one of my go-to pieces for nightouts because it´s comfortable but also very glam. Usually I wear it with heels and a leatherjacket, but I tried to add a bit of coolness by combining it with my parker and heeled ankle boots. Definitely the right look when you can´t decide whether you fancy a proper nightout or a chilled drink ;)

What am I wearing?!
Jumpsuit – Topshop
Parka – TK Maxx
Shoes – H&M


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