Clueless, What else?

28 July 2014

Clueless Cher Style

River Island black shirt
€20 -

Lipsy white shirt
€7,58 -

€67 -

Gladiator sandals
€27 -

Wool hat

clueless pen
€3,46 -

I know it, You know it, Iggy Azalea knows it; Clueless is probably more famous than ever, What else? After Wildfox did a Clueless inspired Photoshoot and Iggy shooted her video to "Fancy", the Clueless trend has finally hit the high street stores (and affordable online shops.) As a big fan of the movie and co-ordinate sets I glady accept the fact that her an Dionnes famous blazer and skirt combination is a must have this year. So if you wanna get the ultimate Cher- classic-student- look; Get yourself some tartan clothes or even better, drag them out the depths of your wardrobe and combine them with some overknees, chunky sandals with block heels and a beret. For a Cher after-school-look combine a black classicaly cut black transparent shirt with a white spaghetti straps top or dress. Remember, you can never go wrong with spaghetti straps at the moment. (At this point I have to mention, WELL DONE ME, for not throwing any clothes away since I´m 8) And last but not least, If you wanna go for the Cher- Stripper-look; go ask Iggy.

Personally I feel a bit sad that pre-make-over Tai got neglected. I love her grungey style with the oversized plaid shirts and her worn out boy jeans. It´s def a look you can wear more often and achieve more easily if you don´t want to buy new clothes all the time. So if you´re more of a laid back grunge kid and not a preppy girly girl, get yourself some boyfriend jeans and an old vintage shirt and tie a tartan shirt around your waist. Or maybe combine the shirt with a plaid mini skirt or a cute vintage dungaree? Now you´re prepared to hit on some cute skater boys who really should stop smoking weed for an hour and get rid of their (non-existent) ugly hair cut. AS IF! ;)

Clueless Tai Look

Blue plaid shirt

Monki checkered shirt
$34 -

Short sleeve tee
$38 -

Converse high top sneaker
$49 -

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