25 July 2014

Lately I´ve been watching the series American Horror Story- Coven and I really fell in love with.... whoever the stylist of the show is. So I was aiming at that modern witch look lately and got me this gorgeous hooded knit dress by lip service, cult. It is a very fine knit and you can really feel the quality. I feel likte the hood makes the dress somehow mysterious. AND most importantly, it looks gorgeous if you spin around because the skirt is actually very wide ;) Another eyecatcher are those "too fast" overknees. I wanted garter overknees for ages and these have a skeleton-leg print combined whit roses. They remind me of a fairytale and are creepy and cute in one. (Like me ;) When wearing open heels you can even see the foot. I actually tried to wear some but I failed. REMEMBER GUYS; wearing highheels while climbing up a hill in a wood after it rained is a definite DON´T. Even if your playing witch."the lazy ones" and my favorite tattoo choker is by fashion can´t die; (owner is one of my favorite bloggers ;) and I wear it every day! My stud bracelet is from a store in shoreditch called
Hope you like it; I think I´ll do an American Horror Swamp Witch Style at some point! xx 


  1. Such a great witchy look! I love the garters, I've been wanting some for AGES! They look great on you. Yeah, I don't think I'll ever climb in the woods period, just because I'm too lazy lol. Just followed your blog on Bloglovin'! Make sure to enter my Envi Shoes Giveaway and get a pair of shoes 50% off!

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. Oooooooh, perfect look! I'm in love with your hair and this spooky/ethereal look! I watched a few episodes of Coven, but didn't stick with it! You may have convinced me with this outfit to go back and watch the rest of the season!

    : signe : the daily savant :

    1. YAY, glad you like it! (Also glad I convinced you to watch it. They should pay me.)

  3. Very gothic! I love it! and your hair is so nice <3

    Deasy Tantra


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