13 July 2014

What I did in Singapore:
Basically I went there to visit a good friend who works there. One of my favorite places there is Sentosa. It is a small (very touristic) Island which is connected to SG. It´s nice to have such a close retreat from the city and to just enjoy the sun while lieing at the beach and to have some drinks in the numerous beachclubs. You can also shop there and visit the Universal studios. Also worth a visit is Marina Bay / Gardens. I was really impressed by all the incredible light shows and art instalations.

What I ate in Singapore:
I really loved the Singapore Hawker Centres. I´ve never went to Hawker Centres before but I can really recommend them. Why spent a fortune in restaurants if you can get some great food for much less money? One of my friends told me to get an icecream sandwich. It sounded quite weird but when I saw them on Orchard road I decided to get one (mainly because the toast was green, and I´m like a child, you can get me with bright colours!) It´s a nice combination though, and I´d have it again! AND NO, I didn´t have chilli crabs, Sorry to dissapoint everyone ;)

Where I partied in Singapore:
As far as I remember, the full moon party at tanjiong beach Sentosa was SICK!!!! Dancing on the beach to cool electro DJs is the best thing ever. End of story. As I am a tourist I obviously also went to Marina Sands Skybar. The view was breathtaking, the music wasn´t (unless you´re into chart music) It´s worth a visit because of the terrace and the view but the club itself is very small, nothing for claustrophobic people. 

Finally my favorite topic:  Where I shopped in Singapore:
If it comes to shopping, Singapore is definitely the place to be! There are so many malls, It´s unreal. Almost every MRT station has it´s own mall. Orchard road  has the biggest range of malls ranging from Highstreet stores to luxury brands.But If luxury brands are your thing, go to Marina Bay mall. The architecture and view improve your shopping experience and in case you´re very exhausted you can get a fish-foot-massage afterwards ;) For stylish and special clothes (or if you´re on a budget) go to Bugis. There´s a really cool market-style mall where you can get some great bargains! But prepare, they won´t let you try (the mostly onesize) clothes on! While walking around that neighbourhood I also found some other amazing small stores with mega cute clothes and really friendly shopkeepers! 

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