On being a Country Fashionista

27 July 2014

Something I heard quite frequently during the last few weeks was, that living in rural areas limits you in your possibility to wear what you want. If you happen to live in a place somewhere far away from a fashion-metropolis; trust my advice: THAT´S SHIT. It´s all about self confidence and imagination. You don´t have to live in Shoreditch to look like you do. Actually I´m pretty sure that most London Hipsters are not even from London but come from some crappy places, where people still think sandals and socks are for losers. For example, a couple of years ago I went shopping in Shoreditch and a fashion-blogger asked me for a photo for his "Typical East London Style blogpost." Well thanks. Coming from the smallest of the smallest villages in South-Germany, I really had to laugh about that label. It doesn´t matter where you´re from, you can dress as you please. Keep your head high. Obviously some people will think you´re a freak but who cares?
 Life´s too short to dress ugly.

As you can probably guess, Today´s outfit is pretty much (german) countryside - inspired. I went for breakfast in a tiny tea-house in the woods with my mommy. For a change I tried to wear something my grandma would approve of. (Not that my grandma would ever approve of anything I do) I wear a rather "old" dress +top by only. I love it because it´s very classy with a vintage air. The shirt looks like something one of my moms aunts could have made paired with a modern crop top style cut. I added this bow to give it a bit more of a girly, preppy look. My favorite part is the handbag. It´s such a gem. I found it in a small boutique in Manchester called "Mockingbirds" It reminds me of an old couch and I can never get enough of both, Vintage furniture and clothes. Thinking pratically I put some ankle-wellies on which match my outfit in colour and don´t spoil the classy look. I gave up on wearing high heels in the wood (see German Horror Story post) but I still wouldn´t wear some hideous hiking shoes. ugh.

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