Summer, Sun & Kimonos

17 July 2014

 What I did

So today me and my friend got lost while driving to some mall and it was really freaking hot (for Germany). Also my feet didn´t particularly like the shoes I was wearing. I´ll be walking around barefoot for the next couple of days. An Abercrombie store opened at that mall today and we intended to make some bargains. In the end there were so many people queing up in front of the store, it would have been faster to fly to the USA. So I just got a belt and a pair of shoes at Versace. (I´ll post them tomorrow.) Though saving loads of money because the things were on sale I didn´t save enough money and the niece saleswoman told me that there´s no money on my account. Well done, me. The best part : Some polo-shirt-family made nasty comments on my style and I could hear them. RUDE!

What I was wearing

I was wearing a Forever 21 Kimono, an Urban classics shirt, sans souci shorts, tally weijl shades, Primark shoes, a necklace from camden market and a Furla candy bag.
Kimonos are one of my favorite trends this summer, I really can´t get enough of them. They are comfy and you can wear them in hot weather because they are so thin. Another trend I love are chunky heel sandals. 
My metallic ones look perfect to me but they are not very good to wear. Cheap shoes are (almost) never a good idea. The Furla bag is kinda last summer but I don´t really care ;) It´s by far my favorite bag. It just took me a bit to get used to the transparency as I tend to make a mess in my bags and that´s not really what you want people to see, right?

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